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What We Stand For

Every person has the ability to do amazing things in life – especially trauma survivors. We stand for everyone to have an equal playing field with education and career coaching opportunities. No survivor should ever get left behind.

How We Do It

We believe that passion and purpose are the keys to a fulfilling life, however, it’s not always easy to discover what that is. This is where we come in. We help provide options and direction when someone needs a little help figuring out “what’s next”.

Volunteer with Us

Whether you are a community leader, a survivor, or someone with a teachable skill, we want to work with you! Check out our Volunteers and Upcoming Campaigns pages to see how you can jump in and help out.

Why This Matters

When a trauma survivor begins to work through and implement a recovery program and reintegrate into life, it is critical that a purpose is found in order to maintain progress in the latter stages.
This is where But, What’s Next shines. We are here to help trauma survivors navigate career and education resources and help them discover their passions as they journey on towards what’s next in life.

The Impacts of Trauma

So…You Couldn’t Be a Pop Star Podcast

As kids, we all had big dreams of what we wanted to be when we “grow up”.

So, what happens when you can’t actually become the pop star you dreamed of?

Join Sarah Lebel and Mandy Wright from as we meet with people who are obsessed with their careers to find out what it took to get there.

Sometimes it’s a winding road with a lot of laughs along the way, but just like your dream career, eventually we get to the point. We promise.

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How Donations Can Help

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We are working diligently to raise awareness and build strategic relationships with existing organizations to be able to fill the gap in helping trauma survivors figure out what’s next in life.

As we are embarking on creating this awareness, we are executing on the necessary paperwork to become an official 501(c)3 so that your donations can become tax-deductible. By donating, you will have access to your own donor profile for use at the end of the calendar year, in the event that our 501(c)3 is finalized this year.

Currently, donations are going towards campaigns to build awareness as well as operating costs to keep this website afloat. Beyond that, all funds are dedicated to the scholarships for education and certification funding for our survivors.

What can your donations do?

  • In the state of Georgia, the total cost of earning a GED in Georgia is $160 for the 4 exams required, as each exam costs $40.

  • Google Cloud certifications can average around $240 and can greatly improve a candidates value in the job market.

  • Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® exams cost $300 and can open up doors to great careers in many industries.

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How Your Time Can Help

In volunteering to become a part of the But, What’s Next community, you can help us to provide training resources, mentorship, and support to survivors, and help them pave the path towards a passion-filled and purposeful life.

Simply fill out the form to be contacted with more information.